About Tammi

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As a child I experienced a lack of acceptance and felt that nothing I did was good enough. I have taken the painful part of my upbringing and turned it into a passion to help others identify their inherent worth.

The phrase: human life value resonates the most with me and the work that I do. Identifying it in you is my greatest passion…and then getting to watch you use it to win in your industry is my fulfillment.

I identified my own human life value in 2006 and subsequently developed The Blueprint Process, so that I had a tool to study the human life value in others.

The Blueprint Process was ready for action in October of 2008. What a risky time to quit my full time job and start a new company, but I love to leap, so leap I did!

My two sons and I struggled financially for a long time during those beginning years. You see them here, now full-grown and apples of my eye! They are so because they too are pursuing their human life value relentlessly.

I am proud to say that those years were scary beyond measure for me. What was I thinking? The mom of 2 boys being so irresponsible as to leap towards fulfilling her potential here on earth, instead of thinking practically?! Pfft. I’ve learned that practical thinking alone never leads to success…never. Those years were just the strengthening compound I needed to be strong for others as they did their own leaping…I’ve also learned that you should never finish leaping, so put those leapin’ boots on!

I live in the Pacific NW…as you can probably tell. I have since I was born. I love it here! The lakes, mountains, and ocean are ALL within 90 minutes of where I live. Adventure. Risk. Reward. That’s how I live my life!

If you can relate to any of this, and you want to come on a journey with me, then let’s discover your Blueprint!

Here’s to our next greatest adventure!