Are You on Track?

Our lives can seem full of random events, like these raindrops, nothing really leading us anywhere or gaining very much traction. We might even feel as if we are made of random thoughts and skills, and wonder if we have a purpose or aim.

On the mountain in the video, people had to manually dig a track, so that the rain could have a direction, but in our lives that track already exists…it is our Blueprint.

We were each custom designed with a blueprint, much like a building is designed aforethought. This blueprint makes all the randomness make sense. It does for us, like the track did for the rain in the video: it gives us purpose and direction.

If we could come to understand our blueprint, then we could envision the life we are meant to build AND know how to build it. We could see our strengths, the material with which we are built, and make decisions to use those strengths instead of ignore them. This would solve so many problems in our lives.

We could go to work, feeling a sense of purpose, instead of just paying the bills. We wouldn’t need outside reinforcement, for we would feel the use of our potential every day! We could take steps with confidence and conviction, because we see our blueprint and know which direction to take.

Our days wouldn’t end long after we’ve run out of energy. When we work within our blueprint, our energy is maintained…sometimes even increased, as we go throughout the day! By the time we get home, our energy is still burning, and because we feel good about the work we’ve done all day, our family sees the best of us instead of the worst of us.

I know it may sound overly simplistic, but I believe that with purpose and passion, all problems can be solved. Guess what the Blueprint Process finds? Purpose and Passion.

Click here if you’d like to hear how the Blueprint Process turned my life around, and thanks.


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