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I love speaking to groups of Real Estate and Financial professionals, who are looking to achieve more in their business.The philosophy that I bring into all of my talks is: Your success is based on the identification and use of your natural strengths. To this end, I leave audiences with steps they can immediately take to research their strengths and begin applying them to their career for greater results.

When I speak at Financial and Real Estate events, I custom-design my talk (usually 45-60 minutes) to the needs of the organization and theme of the conference. I coordinate with the organizer to bring the most relevant content to the attendees, keeping in line with the above philosophy.

If it’s a multiple-day event, I prefer to attend the entire conference. This allows me to immerse myself in the culture of the organization and get to know the attendees. During my presentation, I integrate what I’ve learned from the entire conference.

I don’t sell during my presentation, rather I educate. My goal is to leave the audience with a tangible takeaway they can immediately apply to their business.

Presentation Outlines

Feeling Lost Presentation Poster

“Are You Feeling Lost in Your Own Career?”

Lack Meaning Presentation Poster

“Does Your Career Lack Meaning?”

Frustrated Presentation Poster

“Are You Frustrated By Failure?”

Ideal Clients Presentation Poster

“How Would You Like to Work with Your Ideal Clients…All the Time?”


"The speaker had a great blend of humor and clarity."
"The information was relevant!"
"Very confident!"
"I was inspired to research and take action in my life!"
"Great VEGA (Voice, Enthusiasm, Gestures and Attitude)!"
"She was very knowledgeable on the topic and clear on the key points."
"She has a positive attitude and uses great examples."
"She was able to keep the audience engaged the entire time."
"She obviously has a lot of passion and belief in the subject matter."
Tammi spoke at our Boost Biz Ed Meet-up on Feb 1, 2018 in Denver, CO and shared her "BluePrint" to success. We had a great time! Tammi is engaging and fun and brings the audience into the discussion. She brought a hand-out where we could follow along and make notes. Those are always so helpful! Thank you Tammi for bringing your fresh ideas and approach to us. It certainly opened the door to new possibilities!
Aimee M Skillin
Tammi is a delight to learn from. She's engaging, practical, insightful, humble and compelling. She draws out the good and shines light on the path ahead. Tammi was our pioneer speaker to educate audiences in 2 Boost Biz Ed markets, Oregon and Colorado. The future is always brighter with Tammi in the picture!
Tammi's energy and passion are genuine and infectious. She always leaves me with soul food and brain food. I'm feeling very grateful to have an ally and tool in her. Thank you, Tammi!
Becca Freeby
This was a very mindful, self-evaluating and knowledgeable presentation. I have a better outlook on failure and my processing of it.
Rita Holmes
Fun and Inspirational! Great bits of education to move forward and improve your life!
LouAnne Tabada

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