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Hiring Tammi Brannan changed my life! I thought about stopping there because she had that kind of 'Mic drop, leave the stage' impact on my life. I stepped away from a 30yr promising career in the Navy because of an overwhelming desire to help 'more people and in a bigger way.' The thing is, after 3 years of trying to figure out what that path was, I was no closer until I asked Tammi to help me. What she taught me changed everything - her 'homework' was truly powerful and tailored for me. For example, she helped me realize that relying on 'figuring it out,' the go to plan for a nuclear engineer, was THE problem; the brain was getting in the way, I needed to seek guidance from Higher Power, the one that speaks to me through my gut. Tammi's a true friend and mentor; this is not a '12 sessions and see you later' arrangement - she sticks with you until it is right, no matter how long it takes. AND she remains a lifelong friend checking in frequently. I now have a clear path that feels right and I understand, and it is not somewhere I would have 'figured out' without her guidance. There is ONLY one scarce resource, Time: Tammi's fee is small and a fraction of the benefit you will see...but it is also irrelevant - money is renewable, time isn't. Contact Tammi now!! contact me in person: gary@garypinkerton.com 860-389-7620
Gary Pinkerton
Tammi was amazing to work with and helped me delve deep beyond my business and get to the bottom of what really drives me as an individual. The insights Tammi brought to my attention are going to help me tremendously in business and in life. Thanks for taking the time to focus in on what makes me tick and helping me implement it into my business!
Alex Elder
Tammi is an insightful coach. Her passion to develop the Blueprint Process created a unique way to uncover new skills, as well as confirm existing skills about myself. Leading the way to identify my passions. Tammi is one of the few people you meet that not only hears you but really listens allowing her to then asks the right questions so you can dig deeper to find the answers. I found myself looking forward to our calls and what was next in the process. Tammi being both professional and personable creates an open and honest environment to discover your true purpose.
Shelley Taylor
Michael Bonny
Tammi. You have totally impacted my life forever. You have awakened the giant inside of me. Your program helped to uncover my purpose in life. Because of that I know this will impact generations to come not only in my family but hopefully in others as well. We never know when God is going to send that one person in our life to just make that small adjustment to how we see ourselves in the world and gets us to see a new vision and purpose for our life. The best way I can thank you is to now be a blessing to others and take what you have given me and share my gifts with the world. I look forward to working with you more in the future.
Tony Braddock
Have you ever questioned yourself who you actually are and what is your purpose? Have you ever doubted your abilities or inner voice that have been guiding you throughout your life? Let Tammi help you to introduce your inner self and explore the untapped areas of your being. You would be amazed once you have completed the mega sheet with Tammi which reflects all different aspects of your personality and purpose!
Tammi is simply amazing. She draws the best out of you and serves it to you on a platter of gold, and it's stuff inside of you that you knew but never thought you could fully believe about yourself. Having gone through her program I have such a sense of elevated confidence and at the same time a trust that God will show me the next steps for how to fulfill my purpose. Her whole process was wonderful and interactive in helping me to discover these deep truths and rediscover my passions, skills, what makes me tick and what's truly important to me. Without her help- without such an encouraging and intuitive coach I really don't think I could have come to this place of discovery or the boldness to step out into these new ventures. She has also helped me to learn how to enjoy my job more by being myself more and surrendering things I can't control anyway and focusing on finding my fan club.
Palmer Vilagi
I am currently trying to expand my graphic design business. Now realizing, I’m in the need of a bit of direction when it comes to what I truly want to get out of this “new expansion.” I looked no further than Tammi Brannan with Instinctive Life Career Development and her amazing workshop, “Do You Wish Your Career Held More of Your Passion” Feeling like I’ve been in a rut for the past couple of years, my work has been feeling a bit routine and lacking the passion that I truly long for. After taking Tammi’s two hour workshop, I left energized with the tools and understanding of what I need to do to find that passion again. And by finding that passion, I feel more optimistic that I will discover a deeper purpose in my day to day work and gain true satisfaction in knowing that what I do makes a difference. Tammi is an extraordinary speaker and coach as she clearly identifies the things that are needed to take the steps towards a more fulfilling career. She creates a very comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere at her workshops as attendees openly talk about their struggles and insights into issues that affect them. She encourages group discussion where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts. Tammi is extremely personable and is wonderfully attentive — making each person feel important and reassuring them that what they have to say is valuable. I highly recommend Tammi, Instinctive Life Career Development and very much look forward to attending further workshops.
Julia Jacobs
Doesn’t it make sense that when seeking help uncovering your passions you go to someone who is the perfect embodiment of living her passions? Tammi’s enthusiasm on my behalf was infectious, and she seemed to hook into a flow of consciousness reserved for those who love what they do. She was Inspired, laser-focused and saw my potential in spite of my own conditioning. I appreciate her faith in me, and consider her to be a one-in-a-thousand thinker.
Stephen Wells
I have had the honor and privilege of working with Tammi, she's amazing. The process that she uses is so open, her questions made me stop and consider ideas that had never crossed my mind, realities that I was not conscious of. The program she's created is set up for her clients to add tools to their existing tool box and move forward, creating a sense of personal space and allowing for perpetual growth. Tammi is incredible, and I hope you're able to work with her to break through your glass ceiling as well!
Tammi, Thanks for speaking at our Summit 4 Advisors event in Park City. Your first presentation nicely addressed the age old question of "What is next for me?" in a funny way that let our community laugh at the idea of retirement. In fact quite a few people asked for the slides you used. Your second ad lib later in the conference was a great help in giving the attendees a hand in implementing some of the ideas you shared. Thanks for your positive uplifting presence!
Kim Butler
Before I met Tammi, I never paid much attention to career coaches.  In fact I actually thought they were more like a slimy used car salesman.  So why would I go?  At first I went because I liked her personally and wanted to support her and her business.  Quickly I realized that there is great depth in her and what she is doing.  The amount of work, dedication and love she has put into this is astonishing….so I continued to go.  Not only did I learn that I am in the right profession, but I learned so many things about myself….not all positive, many are personal growth items I continue to work on.  Tammi helps people to not only know themselves better, but to realize the gifts that strengthen their business and those that they have to overcome and learn to work with.  She is not just about determining the career, she is about helping you be more effective, efficient, self-reliant, and happier.  Some of the best money I have ever spent!  Can’t recommend her highly enough.  
Marty Fulford
Tammi is intuitive and innately one of the most caring souls I have come across in my adventure. Her uncanny talent for coming up with something impacting and significant, from one of my verbal mutterings, never ceased to amaze me. Tammi never has an off day. She's always spot-on and very good at explaining herself. I doubt you'll ever meet anyone who's as good a listener as Tammi Brannan. An angel on Earth. I imagine that I'm not the only one who feels like that. My advice to you, if you work with Tammi, is take copious notes. You'll learn far more than you can imagine and in different areas of your life--and will keep learning for years to come afterwards. You'll have the tools and resources. Many of which were inside and present before your first conversation with Tammi......you just didn't know it.
Robb Holloway
Host, Wake Up Call
I sought out Tammi's help because even though I knew what I loved to do and how to do it, I couldn't figure out to monetize it. For several years I'd been "sneaking" what I love to do into professional gigs. Even though my techniques worked, I still lacked the confidence to commit to leading with what I know and love. The profoundly enlightening process Tammi has developed assists us in bringing our purpose to light. With her dedication and intuitive guidance I crafted an action plan based on my purpose that integrates into the work I do rather than just sneaking it in. What a relief! I have renewed energy and creativity as a result. Thank you so much, Tammi!!
Jean Bonifas
Tammi spoke at our 2016 annual conference, which was held while a hurricane was coming through. Amongst the outside challenges, she delivered an amazingly purposeful and valuable message to our partners. Her energy and passion for life come through in her speaking...
Bryan Repple
What a great process!! When your world gets rocked after 30 + years of 'perfect career, perfect life, perfectly planned future I was unclear about 'what to do when I grow up'! The challenge was too MANY options, as opposed to too few. Which to pick? Tammi is gifted at uncovering, hearing and seeing how I'm hard wired, how my purpose is woven into the strands of my life, and being able to help me to see it as well.
Bill Burgess
Through the Instinctive Life Process I was able to hone in on what I do best and get the greatest satisfaction from. The beauty of the process is that the path to that specific information was one of exploring the breadth of what makes me tick. Having this knowledge up on the surface of my conscious mind helps me stay clear - about what needs I can meet in a given situation and which needs would be best met by someone else – freeing me to do what I love!
Susie Lisser
I wrestled with the idea of working with Tammi for long time. Way deep down I knew there was something about her process that could help me. After fighting against it and even starting, stopping and then starting again I now know her process is awesome. You too can benefit from her gifted and personalized approach. Quit wondering and just get going for your own good.
Jason I. Henderson, Ph.D.
Tammi believes in going over and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. I hadn’t planned to dig into a few areas, as I didn’t think they were that important to my overall plan; however, Tammi persisted and found answers that helped our process and achieved results. Her passion for the business is inspirational.
My relationship with Tammi and her Instinctive Life process has opened my eyes to beautiful things about myself and helped me find the courage to step out and share them. Instinctive Life is not a quick fix — it is not a “if I do this one thing, then I will be happy” scenario. (I bet you’ve done that before — where did it get you?) — It is a process during which you will learn amazing things about yourself, have victories and setbacks, there will be great leaps and baby steps — and every single minute is worth it .I have been in the same profession for 21 years and have often found myself feeling like the proverbial “round peg in a square hole” . The Instinctive Life process has helped me identify what I was born to excel at. I now celebrate these strengths in the profession I am in, but I am also taking the steps to move to the life’s work where I belong. Tammi is a phenomenal force of honesty, positivity and responsiveness. The journey is uniquely yours, and she will provide you with the tools and support you need to be successful.
Working with Tammi over the past year and a half has helped me to gain insight about who I am and what I really love to do. Dealing with a recent job loss, I feel that the insights I’ve gained through the Instinctive Life Process have helped me to accept a major change in my life and to deal with it productively. Tammi is the best!
I had been considering making changes in my life for some time before meeting Tammi. As life would have it, a few “surprises” in my personal life and career helped edge me along my path before I thought I was ready. Tammi was a God­send at a time when I felt lost and like a fish out of water. She helped me reconnect with a sense of purpose I had forgotten and helped me hold true to my idea on how to live more “instinctively” than I had in the past. Tammi is a great coach, she continues to help me stay connected to my purpose and moving toward my goals. I am glad to recommend her to anyone searching for a guide that will help you reconnect to a greater sense of purpose and to live more instinctively.
When I started working with Tammi I did not know why parts of my life were so frustrating. Tammi has the ability to make you understand who you really are and what your purpose is. She made me understand how important it is to do what fires me up as often as I can. If I do this, the frustrating things in life seem to diminish. I want to work with Tammi for a long time because she keeps me focused on what’s important and what is not.
In developing a new service line for our business, which is in its 16th year, Tammi helped solidify what is important to me, what I am uniquely qualified to do, and where I can give the greatest value. These facts helped me re-focus our energy on our strengths. Through her process, I learned things about myself that I will use both professionally and personally.
Before beginning the Instinctive Life program, I felt like ship in fog, dead in the water, and directionless. My family felt it, too. Tammi showed me that I am my own northern star. I am never lost. I can navigate any waters and direct my life anywhere I want to go. Always having that point of reference gives me sense of direction, confidence, and allows me and my crew to enjoy the ride. Every meeting with Tammi filled my sails with wind and got me moving even more. Instinctive Life is great program and Tammi is a truly amazing guide.
Wow, Tammi’s ability to get to the core of the matter is amazing. Then it seems, without her even taking a breath, ideas flow from her soul. Tammi shares her passion and desire to make this a bigger and stronger world and while she’s doing this she is healing one person at a time. I learned so much about myself in such a short time. Tammy was able to focus in and gave me meaningful direction at our very first visit that has changed my life forever. I highly recommend her.
What Tammi does for me..helping me find my balance in the chaos world, discovering what my true talents are, Tammi is a navigator, a guide on my life’s journey. Helping me to discover the unseen beauty in my life, Tammi has helped me to find my center, helping me to achieve an awareness of the person I am meant to be, Tammi has a unique way of understanding my true essence and helping me apply these characteristics to build meaning in my life, I had a longing to break the chaos in my life and Tammi helped me find my pure sense of myself, Tammi helps you discover your tool box of life and how you use your key “tool” to pursue greater goals than you thought possible for yourself.
Things Instinctive Life does for me: Keeps me on track with my goals through difficult times. Gives me daily reminders of how to keep a positive attitude through any situation. Provides specific tools and tricks for keeping me on track with my goals and keeping my happiness quotient high. Reminds me that I am not alone in the struggle to keep a positive mindset. Helps me to find myself in a time of confusion. Gave me permission to be myself and quit being so self critical, Brings sunshine into every day!
Tammi has a true gift when it comes to the three most important skills of a great coach — listening, insight, and intuition. In these areas, she is a natural. Her ability to synthesize various pieces and points of our conversations, whether minutes or months apart, was truly amazing. I felt like she completely “got” me and where I needed improvement, with an uncanny instinct on her part. It was like she’d known me for a long time, even from the start. And this goes right back to those three gifts of listening, insight, and intuition. She brings to every session her full attention and heart, which makes it possible for her to be fully present wherever the conversation goes. But all this could be meaningless without a solid process and system to follow, which she’s developed. As someone with a “high utilitarian” personality, this was necessary for me, as well as greatly appreciated — it’s great to be heard, but I have to make progress! Tammi’s program helps make that happen. So, I probably don’t need to say it at this point, but I highly recommend her and Instinctive Life. Many people are calling themselves coaches these days, but few have the innate ability to excel at it as Tammi does.
Thanks for all you do – your program has gotten me back on track and feeling so good about my direction and purpose in this life! Keep doing what you do for people – you’re the best!
I am a mother of an 18 year old daughter, coming upon graduation and a supposed change of life... I was faced with the acknowledgment of a young woman with no idea of what she wanted to do with her life. I met Tammi and asked for guidance not knowing what to expect. WOW!! I am absolutely thrilled that we are working with her and the Instinctive Life process! My daughter is listening to what really calls to her and is showing the initiative to make important decisions in her life. Both my daughter and I look forward to the continued work and the positive experience that lays ahead!
I am honored to be writing this testimonial for Tammi Brannan. I started working through Tammi’s “Instinctive Life” program at a time when I had a major career move fall apart, and had started working on plans for a new direction for my career and family. Tammi’s program helped affirm that I was on the right path for a career that fits my passions better than even my previous plan. Her insights and ability to pick important bits of information from the flood of debris in my life were key factors in coming to grip with the disappointment of my old plans and seeing that I was in fact on the road to a better situation. In addition to her knowledge and abilities, Tammi has been excellent with consistency regarding communication and organization skills. I have benefitted from her commitment to helping me find the “silver linings” in my life both in business and in my personal life. Tammi’s strongest contribution is her ability to listen. She is excellent at taking the time to get a thorough understanding of a situation and come back with a positive viewpoint and a connection to my personal needs and growth. She has taken the time to get to know me, has become a working member of my success, and has “given” more than she has “gained” . She is a true friend and asset to me, my business, and my family.
Thank you for being my Clarence. Thank you for showing me the path to a more relaxing, meaningful life. More importantly, thank you for pointing out that we all were created with a purpose and it is up to us to use our instincts to discern that purpose and to live each day mindful of that purpose. God will provide. Because I believe this, I can now more clearly see the evidence of his existence and ignore the human creations that just muddle the picture. I am more relaxed and better able to handle the daily challenges because of you and the Instinctive Life process. You have challenged me to focus on these simple truths and create the Heaven on Earth that I was meant to in the first place. Thank you for being my angel.
I was very fortunate to participate in Tammi’s Instinctive Life program. When I started the program, I was facing difficult issues in my work life and in my marriage. By working with Tammi, I developed insight into my values, my passions, and my beliefs. This enabled me to embrace the parts of myself which I had suppressed or ignored. With Tammi’s help, I developed the courage to face my problems and work through them. The situations did not change but my attitude changed which gave me a better coping mechanism. I looked forward to visiting with Tammi on a weekly basis and what I loved the most was having someone really listen to me and offer sincere encouragement along with some very practical exercises and tools which I could implement immediately. In addition to completing the IL program individually, my husband and I met with Tammi as a couple which brought new insight into our marriage and helped us address some long standing issues which was refreshing! I strongly recommend Tammi’s program! It changed my life and it will change yours!
“Friend” AKA, Tammi is such an inspiration in this part of my journey. I struggled with self doubt. I was given a gift and introduced to Tammi, who has truly helped me see myself and discover a reset button I didn’t know existed. Through her encouragement and care I am re­-centered in my faith and renewed in my heart. With vision of a new foundation and light of all the possibilities and wonders of this life. Tammi inspired me to fully enjoy living in the moment and focus on the present. Via Con Dios! Love ya, Tammi Brannan!
Upon the initial phone conversation with Tammi, I knew Instinctive Life was a good fit for me. As with any layer peeling process, it takes time, diligence and a far­sighted vision of your goals. The more we spoke, and the more I listened, both to Tammi and that small inner voice, I began to see what it is that drives me. Tammi and the Instinctive Life program find the most satisfying, soul­ feeding traits of each individual and bring them to the surface. We are all individuals, no two of us are exactly alike. Why not take the gifts you have been given and use them to bless the rest of the world! Tammi has taken me to a place that I always knew existed, I just never knew how to get there. The instinctive abilities that she uncovered have already been changing me and helping others. They were always there but Tammi was able to create a clear path for me to see why I was created. Instinctive Life is exactly as it sounds. We all have a burning, a yearning in our hearts and souls. We long to find what it is that drives us, fills us with joy and satisfaction. I now know from this process what it is that fills me and have now been given the tools to share it with others. I am so grateful to have met her and gone through Instinctive Life!!!
I met Tammi Brannan in a professional business setting. Little did I know at the time, that she would end up having an enormous impact on my personal life. The time I’ve spent with Tammi and the Instinctive Life program have been worthy of my investment. I cherish what I’ve learned about myself and I’ve learned there are things about myself to cherish. Thanks for love, Tammi.
I’ve been working with Tammi for a short time and already I’m seeing benefits. For the last 3­5 years, I’ve been in a dark hole and not very excited about my life. I feel that Tammi came into my life to pull me out of that dark hole. As we work through her process, I’m getting excited about life again, remembering the projects I’d given up on and remembering who I am. I can’t wait to uncover more! I highly recommend Tammi for people who are ready to create a life living from a personal purpose.
When I started working with Instinctive Life two months ago, I was in the grips of chronic fatigue and other illnesses, knowing that I needed to make a change but not knowing how. Now, only two months later, the chronic fatigue is just barely a hint, I am full of vitality and energy, and I am pursuing an exciting new direction made possible by so many surprises from the Universe. So happy I made the decision to work with you Tammi!
I heard Tammi on a local radio station on a morning when I was at a real low point in my self­-esteem. That morning I heard her talk about issues that described exactly how I felt, and heard about her work and the website “Instinctive Life; Career Development.” After visiting her website and giving her a call to discuss the program, I knew this was what I needed. She helped me to see the value in what I have to offer, especially gifts that I took for granted. With her help, I discovered my purpose statement, and the commitments needed to fulfill that purpose, and also learned that this is an ongoing process. Roadblocks became stepping stones, and I was able to see value even in people who I perceived were holding me back. My job reflected this change almost immediately, and I have a new role at work that’s a better fit. I definitely recommend Tammi to help you on your path of discovery! Many thanks, Tammi, you’ve been a real blessing in my life!! Glad that you were on the radio station that morning — so glad Spirit guided me to you!
I read an article about the most common regrets in life. There are several popular regrets, but the two that struck me the most were Education and Career. SO many people just took “sensible” jobs or degrees and ended up miserable and defeated. They look back and wish they would have followed their PASSIONS. I am 25 years old. I started working with Tammi because I don’t want to look back in 30 years and think, “I wish I would have — “. I have been with her for about three months now and I see the truth in Instinctive Life everyday. I am learning to be exactly who I am. I am learning to be confident and proud of exactly who I am. I am learning that my PURPOSE lies with my PASSIONS and that if you follow your bliss, your dreams, your desires, your skills — you won’t regret it. I am so glad that I found Tammi. I love my new perspective.
My father once told me, “Son, do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I “lucked” into a decent job at 18, and as I was fairly adept at it and stayed in relatively the same field, i.e. building, or fabrication, until I ‘retired’ at 54 to Oregon to be near my brother. I had lived much of my life plagued with self­. doubt, mired in emotional trauma from my youth, and battling ‘demons’ of alcohol and other addictions. Though always “good at my job,” I was forever feeling exhausted and spiritually drained at day’s end. Eventually losing a marriage of 30+ years, being unemployed and feeling a little “last­chance­ ey,” I attempted in my new home to surround myself with positive people, and in the course of time (NOT coincidence!) those positive people (inevitably) led me to Tammi. In the time we have worked together, I have come to a thorough understanding of not only myself, my nature and my lifelong responses to negative life situations, but more so of how I can actively focus on the attributes and activities I am perfectly suited to, by nature and temperament, which BRING me energy whilst benefitting others! The ability to think about my own thinking, and to learn how to recognize (bad) habitual thinking when it happens, and not only STOP it, but reverse it, and then to assimilate all the wonderful benefits of right­ thinking: reduced blood ­pressure, independence of pain medications and getting restful SLEEP! To go to bed at night after what used to be “a long day,” relaxed and satisfied, and waking refreshed and not only ready for the day ahead, but looking forward to it is a blessing I now enjoy and would have everyone I know to as well. Near the end of our journey (and I say “our” because Tammi doesn’t send you, she walks with you every step of the way) my father’s words came to recollection. Funny how truth comes out, when our eyes are opened to see it. Though it took a while to get here, I now feel the most useful and satisfying days of my life lie ahead. I’ve got “a new pair of glasses,” and so can you! Blessings
I’m an art director/designer and I’ve helped many businesses define and grow their brand. Working with Tammi is like discovering my own personal authentic brand and encouraging it to thrive. I now have guidelines to keep me moving on the path that’s right for me. If you’re thinking about going through this yourself, expect this to be a more spiritual experience... There’s a lot of digging deep. I was amazed at how Tammi was able to draw important nuggets out of (what seemed to me to be) inconsequential stuff. Don’t expect things to be sugar-coated either; Tammi tells it like it is. I really appreciate her honesty and genuine interest in my well-being. And, bonus, she’s got a great sense of humor, so expect to laugh and have fun...I did.
Like many people I struggled with what it was I wanted out of life. I had been in school for 13 years which at this point has been the majority of my life. When it came time for me to start applying for colleges and scholarships the burning question of “What do you want to be when you grow up” suddenly became very real. I scrambled to come up with an answer worthy of winning me a scholarship (which I did receive) but my answer was just that, an answer. I looked at the careers of my family and the obvious majors that would bring me success but with very little knowledge of the world outside of my life in public education, I was settling. I knew in my gut that my major wasn’t where I belonged but I stuck with it enough to get a full ride scholarship which only solidified my choice. My parents were thrilled but by my second term I had already changed my major 3 times. My school life was a mess of prerequisites for a major I had very little passion for. By this time, I had my own place, I was going to school full time for free, and was working 40 plus hours a week. In comparison to most of my peers I was extremely successful but when I took a step back and looked at my life I realized I wasn’t happy. I began to realize that somewhere along the way I had lost myself. I was simply treading water with the weight of school, work, my family’s expectations, and a cheating boyfriend chained to my ankles. This realization sent me into a panic. “Is this really the life I want for myself?” I began to feel like I was wasting my own time. Although I had satisfied the expectations of my family and society, I wasn’t happy. The life I had created for myself was drowning me so I took a risk. I broke things off with my boyfriend and quit my soul crushing job. With only a few months left on my lease I informed my parents of the good news that I was dropping out of school and like any parents would, they panicked. One by one everyone in my family went into a frantic attempt to get me to change my mind but my choice had already been made. I had given up the scholarship that my family (who has always teetered on the poverty line) had been boasting about for the past year. I felt scared, like I was just one step away from disappointing my entire family and screwing up any chances for a better life. That’s when I found Tammi Brannan and began my journey through Instinctive Life. I needed a plan, a real way of tackling the question of “What do I want to be?” Through instinctive life I found just that. I have just graduated from the program and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. This has truly been a life changing experience for me. Since starting with Tammi I’ve lived every day with more purpose than I have in the last 18 years of my life. I took a huge chance and by taking that leap of faith I managed to not only have one of the greatest summers of my life but move forward as a person in a way I never dreamed possible. I couldn’t be happier with the growth I have made while working with Tammi. She is so passionate about what she does, I don’t think I could have been graced with a better mentor through this whole process. She has encouraged me the entire way and unearthed the passions and dreams of mine that I felt I had lost. I feel more myself today in taking this risk than I felt in my entire career in the public school system. By working with Tammi I’ve broken down any doubts I’ve ever held against myself and now feel confident in all the choices I make. I feel as if this program has made me refine myself and who I truly am. I’m currently working at a job I absolutely love and I’m saving up for a 6-month trip to experience the world and other cultures so I can finally become the person I was born to be. We all have purpose in this life and with the help of Tammi and Instinctive Life I have found mine.
One of the great lasting benefits of working with Instinctive Life is that you never look at your day the same way again. If I apply the principles I learned with Tammi, I’m not as worried about the progress of all that I want to achieve or do. If things aren’t happening the way I want them to, I think that maybe my way is too complicated or taking me in a direction I’m not supposed to go. If a door closes, I may get disappointed, but I also think “Thank Goodness” because I would have spent my time there and perhaps it’s making room for something else that’s better. If nothing is happening, I try to relax into where I’m at and look around. Once you go through the process, you see so much more in your world and it makes each day like an exciting project you’re working on, which is you.
Tammi has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She recently teamed with our Agency on a project that she designed to align skills and strengths of our individual Team Members with tasks and responsibilities here in the office. Tammi conducted in­depth interviews with each Team Member to identify their strengths. As one of the participants of this process, I can say that Tammi asks effective questions that lead to meaningful self discovery. Judging by the feedback that I received from my Team, they think so too! As the Owner of our Agency, I was impressed by Tammi’s business sense, and her ability to assist our Team in connecting the dots between individual strengths, and job duties/tasks that are all a part of what we do. As a result of working with Tammi, my Team is more effectively aligned and engaged. I am grateful for the “buy in” that has resulted from working with Tammi. I highly recommend Tammi as someone to contact if you are looking to improve the performance of your Team.