Where is My Next?

In my life, I have assumed that failures were indicators that I should quit, or reduce the size of my dreams. I turned away from opportunities that could have taken me to my next level because I lost confidence in my abilities as I struggled through failure after failure.

In 2007 I had failed in business and marriage, and often failed miserably as a mother. These failures caused me to feel super small and incapable, similar to how I imagine this rock covered in seagull poop might feel. It once was part of a mighty mountain, and now it gets dumped on by passing seagulls, far beneath its former glory.

But I’ve come to understand that failure is an opportunity to see how strong we are. It is our intestinal fortitude that enables us to persevere through failure. Without failure, we would never know how much strength we possess.

Additionally, failure can provide us clues to our direction and our value. I had thought it indicated weakness or lack of intelligence, but I’ve learned that failure can totally point the way and give us one heck of a compliment…as long as we have the strength to study it.

I’ll give you an example:

My business has taken a long time to take off, but I have persevered because I’m so super passionate about unlocking business owner’s super powers. How would I have any validity when working with a client, when I suggest that they have patience for something, or have faith that the results will come, if I hadn’t also been forced to develop faith and be patient? I am grateful it’s taken a long time, because it’s given me solid ground to stand on when advising my clients. I can help them develop that faith. I can truly be there for them, as I know exactly what they are going through!

What can you do with your failures? How could you use the worst that has happened to you, and create value for others?

I have a client who has struggled with her teenage kids to an extent that she is now passionate about helping other parents with their teenagers. She has developed a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) out of her failures! This is exactly what I recommend! Her so-called failures as a parent lead her to see a vision for her skills that had never crossed her mind (or if it had, she didn’t pay attention to it because she didn’t believe she had the chops for it!).

I created the Blueprint Process so that business owners could study their skills 1-on-1 with me and determine their “next.” The best part about it is we also study your failures, and from that study identify your strengths and your direction. It’s exciting stuff.

If you want to know more about the Blueprint Process, check out my website here…and thanks for believing in your potential enough to do so. (:


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