Why is it So Important for Me to Find My Purpose?

Two Reasons: Self-Esteem and Direction

How do I know? That’s what happened with me!

I’ve struggled with a low self-esteem pretty much my whole life! In my 30’s I went on this amazing trip that eventually lead me to my purpose, and EVERYTHING changed, and I mean everything – all because those two things were massively impacted – my self-esteem and my direction.

When I discovered my purpose (“I use my gifts to help others use theirs.”), I was filled with a sense of value, where before my low self-esteem suggested I didn’t have any. Plus, I was filled with a sense of urgency, like there are people out there that need me…like, now!

So I started to search for ways that I could use this purpose (because my current career really didn’t give me any great opportunity to do so). This is how purpose gave me direction – it lead me to discover my current company, Instinctive Life and its main service: the Blueprint Process which takes professionals through a guided process that helps them discover and use their purpose.

Discovering my purpose was not only a turning point in my career, but also in my whole life. Looking back (it was 10 years ago), I see how it caused a massive shift in my trajectory. If my life had continued on the course it was taking before discovering my purpose, it would have been a small, normal life without much impact. Don’t get me wrong – small and normal aren’t bad – they’re just wrong for me.

Back on that trip in my 30’s, I felt the ache of something bigger than my current, small existence. The “bad” thing would have been to not pursue that ache, because it was in my pursuit of it (my study of it) that I discovered and started to live my purpose.

If you too are feeling the ache of something greater you’re meant to do and be, please reach out to me. I want to help! I have so much free stuff, it’s silly. (:

Bottom line – it will increase your self-esteem AND it will give you a direction for a greater future that fulfills your potential. Do you want that?

This is a good place to start – just check out my website, and you’ll find more that may cause you to take a second step, and then another, and another…and just like me, before you know it, you’ll be living your purpose!


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